The “Waste” to Resource Opportunity

A recent article in Popular Mechanics states:

  • “Heating accounts for half of U.S. residential energy consumption. The most popular fuel, natural gas, heats about 50% of U.S. homes. About a third of the country heats homes with electricity”
  • “Electricity is too inefficient and too expensive to make and waste on heat.”
  • “The same goes for the 5 billion gallons of oil and 15 billion gallons of propane that are used annually to heat 20% of American homes. If all oil customers switched to biomass, the savings could amount 120 million barrels-1.68 percent of the 7.14 billion total barrels of oil consumed per year.”

Clearly this local economic resource opportunity is too valuable to waste.

R²IDGE works to create jobs, build local economies, reduce environmental damage and renew natural resources through the harvest of waste streams, education, and research.

Our objective is to close the waste loop and allow communities to benefit from improved efficiency. We work to identify relationships between wastes and their potential uses to incubate new business and a renewable resource network.