R²IDGE Community Supported Energy Program

The R²IDGE Community Supported Energy Program seeks out valuable feedstocks from community wastestreams to close the waste loop and allow communities to benefit from improved efficiency. R²IDGE believes that by identifying this relationship between wastes and their potential uses, new businesses can be incubated to strengthen the local economy and create a vertically integrated renewable resource network within communities. This local economic stimulation is designed to weaken the petrochemical industry’s grip on liquid fuels and break up the monopoly that is a leading cause of climate change and international conflict. In addition to boosting the local economies, these fuels help clean the air and increase energy independence.

In order to develop this change in our society, we are looking for independently owned fuel distributors and other responsible corporate citizens who can function as mentors and partners in our work to capture this unfolding Renewable Fuels market and grow the economies of local communities.

Currently in the Boone North Carolina community R²IDGE has acquired first refusal to around 120 tons annually of high quality sugar waste. With this locally reclaimed resource R²IDGE intends to create an ethanol fuel production plant that can support a locally produced fuels initiative.